NOVAC believes in the power of storytelling, and cultivates creative and economic opportunities for storytellers.  Through education, workforce development programs, youth media, artist services and public events, we ensure that everyone has access to technology, careers and stories that empower communities.


COMMUNITY CREW UP is NOVAC's program to connect locals around the country with opportunities on set.  In Louisiana, we provide access to on-set experiences and paid opportunities, and around the country, we partner with HBO, Warner Bros and Turner Broadcasting to find diverse talent interested in working behind the scenes in some of Hollywood's most engaging and inclusive production environments. 


NOVAC is excited to announce our next Louisiana Economic Development (LED) & Delta Regional Authority (DRA) funded Film Industry Workforce Training. 

Production Assistant (PA) Intensive | New Orleans

This training is FREE and open to Louisiana residents  (18 yrs old +). Prospective participants will be required to complete an application and may be asked to interview for placement in a training. Participants that complete the in-person and post-training requirements will be referred to film-industry positions as productions reach out to NOVAC for their hiring needs. 

Participants will learn basic protocol for working behind-the-scenes on set. This includes; reviewing set lingo, interpreting set paperwork, and practicing daily skills required to proficiently execute production assistant responsibilities.

Date: Saturday, March 9th 

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm 


Participants will also gain NOVAC membership for one year upon completion of the intensive.
NOVAC member benefits include:

  • Film-Industry Job referrals  (Louisiana residents only)
  • Annual career consultation (Required for job referrals)
  • Annual resume assistance (Required for job referrals)
  • Equipment rentals
  • 20% discount on workshops
  • Member-only events
  • Film industry resources


This program is supported in part by Delta Regional Authority and Louisiana Economic Development.