NOVAC believes in the power of storytelling, and cultivates creative and economic opportunities for storytellers.  Through education, workforce development programs, youth media, artist services and public events, we ensure that everyone has access to technology, careers and stories that empower communities.


COMMUNITY CREW UP is NOVAC's program to connect locals around the country with opportunities on set.  In Louisiana, we provide access to on-set experiences and paid opportunities, and around the country, we partner with HBO, Warner Bros and Turner Broadcasting to find diverse talent interested in working behind the scenes in some of Hollywood's most engaging and inclusive production environments. 

Turner's ACCESS TO HOLLYWOOD Production Assistant Program provides opportunities for emerging talent from diverse backgrounds to access paid, on-set opportunities as production assistants on a wide variety of episodic, television, animated and feature film programs produced throughout the Turner network of platforms.  

Turner Global Inclusion is partnering with NOVAC's Community Crew Up program to identify talented folks interested in working in below-the-line film crew positions to place them on productions nationwide, wherever that project has a production footprint.  Access To Hollywood partners with productions, film commissions, community based organizations and schools and universities to identify top emerging talent who are interested in building a career behind the scenes in the film and television industry.

If you're receiving this link, you have been invited to submit an application to participate in this program.  If we have a production in your area, you will be invited to interview for an on-set opportunity, and we will then provide top names to the production for consideration.

This link is not an application to a specific production or opportunity, but a way for us to identify talent in specific markets. Please provide all relevant information and we will work to connect you with the right opportunity!