NOVAC believes in the power of storytelling, and cultivates creative and economic opportunities for storytellers.  Through education, workforce development programs, youth media, artist services and public events, we ensure that everyone has access to technology, careers and stories that empower communities.


COMMUNITY CREW UP is NOVAC's program to connect locals around the country with opportunities on set.  In Louisiana, we provide access to on-set experiences and paid opportunities, and around the country, we partner with HBO, Warner Bros and Turner Broadcasting to find diverse talent interested in working behind the scenes in some of Hollywood's most engaging and inclusive production environments. 

NOVAC is taking applications for two cohorts of South Louisiana community members to learn and produce films over the course of six months, January to June, 2022. Participants are not required to have prior filmmaking experience.

There are two cohort pathways:

COHORT ONE will be story-driven. Pitch us the story  that you would like to tell about your community-- and we'll train you  and two of your community members to tell the story about your own  experiences, from your own perspectives. In this instance, you would  apply as a group of three.

COHORT TWO will be filmmaker-driven. Tell us about why you want to learn filmmaking, and we'll train you, along with two other aspiring filmmakers of our choosing, how to develop a story idea and produce a short film. In this instance, you apply as an individual

Applications include answering this series of questions as well as submitting a resume and a short informal video pitch. Please have all materials ready and be prepared to spend about 20-30 minutes completing this application. 


Contact jillian@novacvideo.org with any questions. 

The Locations Department of a film production is responsible for finding and securing locations to be used by a production, coordinating the logistics, securing and managing the costs.  They work closely with city and state departments to secure permits, manage the filming locations and address the concerns of neighbors and businesses.  In this training, participants will review and practice skills associated with working in roles in the Locations department.

This program is supported in part by Film New Orleans, Office of Cultural Economy, City of New Orleans.